Major Website Changes


By: Gym Jones



Friday at 4:34pm

Hi All

We at GYM JONES want to inform you of some new updates to the Website.

We recognize that we recently communicated website changes previous to this note, but after a short time it became clear that we could do better. We can evolve. So, in an effort to constantly improve the signal we send as well as how we send it, we will do just that. These changes will give you easier access to more fitness related content with significantly less hassle.

The changes are as follows:

***New Membership Structures***

7-Day Free-Trial Option:
Price: FREE
Access to Daily Dose (workout of the day at GJ) by Bobby Maximus and "Our Affiliates"
47 Purchasable Plans
Access to "Shop"
Free-Trial Rolls into Disciple Membership at completion of trial-period
Ability to Cancel at any time

Disciple Membership
Price: $9.99
Access to Daily Dose (workout of the day at GJ) by Bobby Maximus and "Our Affiliates"
Access to 3 Training Plans
Access to 47 Purchasable Plans with a 10% discount of standard pricing
Ability to Cancel at any time

Monk Membership
Price: $29.99
Everything Disciple Membership gets PLUS
Access to all Training Plans
Access to all Knowledge Articles
Ability to Cancel at any time
Some features being developed like “Coaches Corner” and more access to Gym Jones Coaches

Salvation Membership
Price: $250
Everything Monk Membership gets PLUS
20% off of Seminars

Pre-Existing SALVATION Members will be automatically transitioned to the new SALVATION Membership structure.
The balance of these membership dues will be annualized and applied to future months Effectively, Pre-Existing SALVATION members will only pay the same monthly rate as new SALVATION Members on a go forward basis Ex. If Jim paid $500.00 for his SALVATION Membership on 3/1/2017, he has used 6mos of his dues to-date, and currently has $250.00 of his membership dues remaining on the balance of his account (having used $250.00 at the previous membership structure/rate of $500.00/yr). He will receive 12 months of SALVATION membership privileges from 9/1/2017 going forward (membership ending 9/1/2018), resulting in an extra 6mo of membership on top of he already paid for

***New "Our Affiliates" Section***
This portion of the site will highlight workouts being done in our affiliate gyms all over the world.

***Updated "How To" videos***
Higher quality video
Additional exercises

***New "Daily Dose" Feature***
The "Daily Dose" sits on the main navigation menu and will include details of a workout by Bobby Maximus at Gym Jones

Coming Soon: New Media posted weekly

Coming Soon: "Coaches Corner" to replace "Team Builder" to streamline communication between you and your Coach

Coming Soon: New "Knowledge" articles posted monthly

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to better serving you and your fitness needs.


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