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Friday at 1:22pm

Converts, Disciples, & Monks

I wanted to write you a quick, no-nonsense note bringing you up to speed on some recent developments here at GYM JONES HQ.

As you are aware, we recently made a lot of changes to the website, including how it functions, how we interact with you, as well as the membership structure. These changes were made in hopes of better serving you and your needs.

We were wrong.

In the gym, we pride ourselves on never letting a fear of failure keep us from pursuing something greater. When we fall, we pride ourselves on holding ourselves accountable with absolute honesty. Finally, and most importantly, when we analyze our shortcomings, we pride ourselves on making the necessary changes. As it pertains to our website and how we conduct ourselves at GYM JONES HQ, these principles are no different. The pride remains.

It's with that in mind that I want to tell you that there will be a lot changing here on the GYM JONES website in the coming months. These changes are aimed at better serving you, our Converts, Disciples, and Monks. There will be a renewed focus on the original things that made us special in the first place: knowledge and simplicity. There will be a much great drive to simplify the membership process, the assimilation of information, and also the delivery of content to you. Also know we are not going to ask for more money. We are actually going to ask for less and be providing more content and value.

Be patient as we implement these changes. They won’t happen overnight but we are working around the clock to deploy them. You will most of them in the next two weeks. Some content will go away, some will remain, and a lot of new content and modifications will be added. If you have any questions at all we are here to assist as best possible. Note that any content we remove (i.e. training plans you have purchased) we will deliver to you by email upon request. Please email

We have learned from our mistakes and will better serve you moving forward. Keep your eye on the dashboard for more messaging and content.

Bobby Maximus

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