"Oak Tree" Core Workout


By: Joe Riggio



Saturday at 9:23am


“Oak Tree” Core Workout


Developing a strong core is one of the keys to performance.  Core training should be well rounded and contain a variety of moments just like any other area of the body.  Here are some of the more sport specific ways to develop an “Oak Tree Like” midsection! 


Weighted & Moving Planks – Planks are by far a better choice for training the core than your traditional sit ups and leg lifts.  Try a variety of types. Weighted, Spyder (knee to Elbow), Side Planks, Plank Walkups, Plank Band rows…


Overhead Anything!  Carrying weight overhead is the BEST way to develop a steel plated core.  Start with easy movements like OH Plate walks and progress to more advanced movements like OH Kettlebell Lunge walks.  Work OH movements into your warm up and as part of your main training.   


Heavy Side Bends – One of the most important areas for athletes is the ability to create lateral force.  Side Bends help develop the lateral flexors of the spine, your QL, and oblique’s.  You can use a variety of exercises ranging from dumbbell side bends, banded bends, kettlebell windmills, Side bends off a 45° hyper. 


Suspension Training – Suspending your body in the supine possession is one of the headrest things for many athletes to do.  You can start with suspended ring planks and work up to advanced movements like standing roll out with an ab wheel.  We also include handstands and handstand walk in this category. 


Anti-Rotation – The core’s main role is to stabilize the spine and truck against the forces of movement in upper and lower extremities.  We like use bands to create lateral forces to load the core and hold for periods of time against that force.  PallOf Press, Cable Chops, or even a Single Arm Dumbbell press are great forms of anti-rotation. 




“Oak Tree” Core Workout


Start: Circuit


4x25y OH Plate Carry


4x25y Sandbag Shoulder Carry


Then: Circuit


4x10 Suspended Ring Push Ups


4x10 Kneeling Ab Wheel Roll Outs


4x10 GHD Suspended Back Extensions w/twist  


Then: Circuit


4x10e Heavy KB Side Bend to Floor


4x5x TGU


Then: Circuit


4x30sec Weighted Plank Hold


4x20sec Each Banded Anti Rotation Holds




50x Toes to Bar! 


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