Power Endurance


By: John Frieh



Wednesday at 8:45am

Today's Workout:

Complete a general warmup of 5-10 minutes. Focus is on raising your core temperature in preparation for the workout.

Complete the following circuit 2x. Rest as needed. Focus is on quality of movement.
5 wall squats
10 air squats
5 per side windmills
10 lunges forward (facing the direction of travel)
10 lunges backwards (facing opposite of the direction of travel)

Complete the following circuit 1x. Rest as needed. Focus is on quality of movement. Choose a weight you feel you can complete the number of reps for that exercise without stopping.
15 kettlebell deadlifts
15 kettlebell goblet squats
15 kettlebell swings
10 kettlebell deadlifts
10 kettlebell goblet squats
10 kettlebell swings
5 kettlebell deadlifts
5 kettlebell goblet squats
5 kettlebell swings

Complete the following circuit 3x. Rest as needed. Focus is on quality of movement. Do your best to not break the reps up.
5 -> 1 ladder of:
Dead hang no kip pull ups
Dead hang no kip knees to elbows
Perfect push ups
Atomic sit ups


500m SkiErg +
50cal AirFit +
500m Row

Cool down


Kyle, John training at Gym Jones

Kyle = 4:39 (including transitions)

A properly written program, regardless of the objective, must include testing. This testing should be done both during the program to ensure the athlete is on track as well as prior to the event to capture data or metrics for analysis after the event. This helps build a more refined program for the next event.

As Kyle departs for Pakistan this Saturday for his climbing expedition in the Himalayan mountains we have been completing our final round of testing. His results have far exceeded everyone's expectations. At a bodyweight of 180 pounds Kyle produced a 4:39 "Triathlon" and a 6:34.6 2000m row.

I could not be more proud of Kyle or more grateful for the opportunity to coach him the past few months. The details of Kyle's program as well as interviews with Kyle, Mark and myself will be released in the coming months.

Over the past few months Kyle has consistently demonstrated the qualities and mindset we value at Gym Jones. His commitment and work ethic has been so great that, at times, it made me question myself. "Am I working as hard as I can? Can I do more?" It has been an honor to work with Kyle; absolutely he is one of us.
Kyle is blessed with the perspective that, unlike his sport, what he does in the gym cannot kill him. It might hurt but ultimately he will be okay. For this reason Kyle has no issue with holding back in a workout. Many of us would benefit from embracing this mindset.

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