The UK Seminar


We had an incredible time teaching the UK seminar that was hosted by Pieter Vodden and W10 Performance in London. It was a wonderful weekend with many wonderful people. I have a story that I need to highlight that reminds me why we do this in the first place. 2 years ago Rory got leukemia and started treatment. He had three brain hemorrhages and went deaf. He lost all balance and the ability to walk. He learned to walk again over the next 6 months. He then needed a cochlear implant to help with hearing. After Two months recovery from that he started training again using our website. He has followed it for the past 10 months. He went from not being able to walk to coming to the seminar this weekend and being able to complete the "300" workout, "Tailpipe", hitting a Deadlift of 180kg and doing the JonesCrawl in 6:40. I couldn't be more inspired or proud of a person. This is why we started this project in the first place. I know my mentors Mark and Lisa would have been equally as inspired and proud. We make people earn our Gym Jones shirts. We don't just give them away. I didn't have a shirt for him here seeing as we are in the UK but he deserves it as much as anybody I've ever met so I gave him the shirt off my back that I wore today. Earned. Never given.

This weekend I met Rory. An incredible individual in every way. I am more inspired and proud than words can say.

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