Power Endurance


By: Gym Jones




500m Ski +
50 calories on AirDyne +
500m Row
Cool down (or burn down)


This particular workout is from February 1st, 2013 and it still stands as one of my favorite days ever in the gym. The energy was so good. I recalled it recently because Paul Timmons wrote a splendid essay about his journey to becoming a fully-certified Gym Jones instructor for The Delaware Budokan’s website, which you may read here.

Paul T: An incredibly hard-fought 4:58 that we were all fortunate to witness. He listened to Rob's coaching, applied the strategy perfectly and shattered his previous best time by a considerable margin. Sometimes the map, an objective and proper guidance are all we need to unlock what we don't know we have within us.

Paul followed Rob's guidance and stayed calm out of the gate. He nailed the prescribed Ski Erg pace, going just hard enough to put himself in a good position later. Then he annihilated himself on the AirDyne, burning the 50 calories in 55 seconds, which meant all he needed to do was row a 1:53 for 500 meters, which was within reach.

When it was all over and Paul had gone sub-5 he admitted that it was, "the hardest thing I have ever done. The last 10km of an Ironman is nowhere near that hard ..." and then he sat down for awhile. It takes some time to balance the acidity but it can take hours before the psychological assault can be absorbed. Fight and flight rolled into one sets off all sorts of alarms, and to sustain it for the last three minutes of the effort demands a big fight against oneself because there is no outside threat and one could easily quit without consequence. Tough then to keep fighting that hard. Bravo!

Strategy, and the discipline to stick to the plan (that you KNOW will work) are essential to energy management. If you have spent resources wisely up front there will be enough left for a good finish.
After briefly pretending Paul hadn't made the time cut, Maximus gave him the good news.

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