Training Plan




2x5 Wall Squat
2x10 Squat
2x5 Goblet Squat
2x20m Lunge
2x20m OH Lunge @ 15# DB
3x10 Shoulder Dislocate
Drop Snatch @ PVC and BB to warm up
10x2 Snatch Hi-Pull (from floor) @ 85-90%, rest some between sets
3x5 @ 50% 1RM
3x3 @ 60% 1RM
3x3 @ 70% 1RM
3x3 @ 80% 1RM (rest 2-3 min between sets)
6x1 @ 90% 1RM (rest 3-4 min between sets)
500m Row For TIme


Snatch, Jerk, Row:
Taken from the program "Operator Fitness V (Power)". It is now available to Full Members in the training section

Here is a write-up from that program:

While basic levels of power and explosiveness may be developed during the Foundation period meaningful power must be trained in a focused, progressive manner.

This program is an Operator Fitness Program that is aimed at helping the Operator gain a high level of power and explosiveness while still maintaining other physical attributes (i.e. endurance and power endurance) important to the job.

The basic format of the program is similar to the other Operator Fitness Programs but there is a far greater emphasis on power production. Like the other programs there are twelve hard workouts in the month but this time eight of those workouts (as opposed to two or three) are dedicated to explosiveness.

This program lasts one month and requires a training commitment of 6 days per week.

Individuals must reach an acceptable level of overall fitness before progressing to more difficult or specific training. This program should not be undertaken unless the participant has already completed at least one of the previous Operator Fitness Foundation programs and has the following physical prerequisites:

Strength/Power (including the 5 major lifts):

2x BW DL

1.25x BW Front Squat


1x BW Clean

1x BW Jerk

15x Pull-up (Dead Hang, Strict)

Cardio-Respiratory Standards:

Row 500m in 1:35

Row 2000m in 7:10

Row 5000m in 19:00

1.5 Mile Run in 9:15 minutes

If you cannot attain the above prerequisites go back into a foundation and develop the necessary skills to progress. Foundation is the single most important phase of training. The better the foundation the better the results from future, specific training. Our best athletes were in an introductory/foundation phase for over 18 months before progressing to a more specific training plan.

Program written by Rob "Maximus" MacDonald, GM & Training Director at Gym Jones

We have uploaded a new training program to the training section entitled "Operator Fitness V (Power)". It is available to Full Members only.

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