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Work up to Heavy Triple on Front Squat
3x10 TGU @ 16-20kg KB
3x10 Good Morning @16kg KB
10x (10m Walking Lunge +10m Burpee/Broad Jump)
Rest as needed between sets
Cool Down


TGU, Good Morning, Lunge, Jump:
From the newly posted "CYCLING 5" Program


We just added a new program entitled "CYCLING 5" to the Training section. It is available to Full Members only. Here is the write-up from that program:

The focus of cycling month 5 is to support a peak condition for as long as possible.

The volume does not increase, and the intensity only varies in certain ways but not in a way that forces higher adaptation only an increase of fitness in specific spots that might be lacking.You may get faster during this period but it is not from super compensation, it is most likely a strengthening of weakness or an ability to expend energy more wisely during events.

At this time during the year in most US locations and major cities, one can find a plethora of weekday racing and even weekend stage racing. Look ahead and adjust the training accordingly, it is not written in stone and will be best suited to the individual by shifting back in forth in order to recover and continue hard training. Although weekday races should be taken seriously, they are a better opportunity to take chances and test fitness, even used for specific training ideas where a greater effort can be afforded because of the pressure cooker that is the peloton.

Gym sessions during this time are supportive but stressful enough to be respected around events. Although I think there is a psychological advantage to racing when sore and beat down I don’t recommend making it a habit. This period is an example of how to hold for a season and should be followed with frequent rest weeks to further support the peak. Expand upon this for as long as possible, but when a decline in performance or even enthusiasm occurs pul back and prepare to build again or even let go completely for the start of an off-season.

Program written my Michael Blevins, Gym Jones Trainer & Disciple

We have just posted "CYCLING 5" to the training section. Full Members Only.

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