New Program


By: Gym Jones




10min Easy Row
2x20m Lunge
3x5 Wall Squat
3x5 Off-Box Squat
10x Man-Maker @ 2x25# DB +
20m Bear Crawl @2x25# DB
Rest 60 sec between each 
6 Rounds
Cool-Down with 10 min easy row


ManMaker, Bear Crawl:
From the newly posted "CYCLING 4" program


We just added a new program entitled "CYCLING 4" to the Training section. It is available to Full Members only. Here is the write-up from that program:

The 4th month in the Cycling programming series represents a build from a foundation to “racing conditioning". The decrease in volume allows the player to increase the intensity, although there will be a slight increase in volume over the next 3 months respective to the intensity. You are not only replicating the demands of competition but specifically increasing certain physiological parameters in an order that allows them to improve efficiently. Too much of a singular kind of effort can wreck the bodies’ ability to not only recover but to improve altogether. It is even more important that you ease into this transition, the volume has been cut by nearly 40% to allow proper recovery, but use your best judgement and take more if needed. For this reason very few dedicated “Rest days” have been scheduled, instead an option of “easy spins” is always available to help efficiency and improve recovery between difficult days.

The gym work is also transitioning to that of a structural supportive nature, some movements help adapt to the high acidity and the buffering needs of improved power output but it is never the goal of replicating what can be accomplished on the bike. If wanting to maintain as much strength as possible use a warm-up working up to 90-95% 1RM on any singular lift preceding any other work in the gym.

Program written by Michael Blevins, Gym Jones Disciple 

We have released a new program: Cycling 4. It is available to Full Members only.

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