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From "Diet Intuition Part Two":

Confronted by excess, few have this so-called willpower but it is feasible to set up circumstances that produce a favorable outcome. Sometimes dietary “rules” help artificially reduce the chances of going off the reservation. Simple guidelines, i.e. “no processed food” limit selection so deciding what to eat is less complex or dangerous. Constrain this decision within a specific eating window, say every three hours or between 2pm and 8pm, and suddenly the risk of overeating declines. And you haven’t even started counting calories. Apply this simple approach before adding anything more complex. Once you can obey this simple contract, and allowed its magic to work, you may begin looking it other means of improving dietary behavior.

When Maximus began a process of leaning-out he had a lot of margin (measured as extra calories) to work with. Cutting back drove fat loss without compromising performance because of the starting buffer.

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