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By: Gym Jones




When we started the website we had a long term vision. Another piece of that vision has been realized with the launch of Gym Jones mobile. We have been very proud of the Gym Jones site but it had it's limitations. The main one being accessibility from a mobile device. That is now fixed. The mobile site was built with the purpose of making the information on the site accessible in a user friendly format from your phone. The new mobile site will allow you to access the calendar, gallery, knowledge articles, and workouts on the site in a very simple and straight forward manner. Full Members will be able to watch video and also make use of the training plan and logging tools that have been placed on the membership site. Now a full member can pull up a workout from their training session, watch "how to" videos in the gym to replicate the movements, and log all of their progress all from their phone.

With the mobile site we have also launched a new video player which will play videos in Hi-Def on a full screen and also improved functionality for the Full Members training plan feature.

We hope you enjoy the new additions to the site. As always feedback is welcome. With feedback we can continue to improve on the product we provide to you and continue to evolve and grow.

Thank you for believing in our small and humble project

Mark, Lisa, Rob


The Gym Jones mobile site is now live

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