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Today on the Salvation site we posted four recent workouts and five pictures from the "300: Battle of Artemisia" training recently done at our satellite facility in Sofia, Bulgaria. This content is visible to both Limited and Full members.


An old post from the Salvation site ...

Do you stretch? Or are you naturally flexible?
During one of our 5-day seminars we discussed the need for training plan flexibility. Many get mired in the details and restrictions of a plan but for most people a training schedule should simply be a guide or an outline.

Yes, workout order during a micro-cycle matters at the top of the pyramid, when one is close to reaching his or her potential. Workout order and progressive intensity matter when sport performance is important enough that all other aspects of life are secondary. If you do not earn your living from sport or represent your country on the world cup circuit this probably doesn't describe you.

For most of us training and sport are - at best - secondary demands and likely much lower in the hierarchy. A training schedule or plan helps keep us tracking toward our objectives but there's no need to wrap ourselves around the axle of specific details. We are so far from achieving our physical and psychological potential that although the work matters, its order is of lesser importance. Adapt training to the circumstances of life. Train, but don't beat yourself up if you lift Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Until you can impose your schedule on your life a training program must be flexible, i.e. easily adaptable to circumstance/ recovery/ etc. Let it ride.

"When you said Upper Body I didn't know you meant LUNGS."
When the smooth layer of fat disappears, the results of hard work are apparent. In the context of movie aesthetics leanness shows a dedication and discipline that size alone does not convey. And it is usually a sign of deeper commitment to the craft.

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