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By: Gym Jones




We updated the public site in September, 2011. We had hoped to launch the new Salvation site shortly afterwards but we wanted to deliver to you the best product possible, so we took our time and did things right.

What stands before you now is the result of a lot of hard work and a lot of years. We finally have the vehicle we need to deliver to you the full extent of our vision.

The new website as it stands now is a massive upgrade from the old website. We are extremely happy and proud to deliver this to our online community. This is only the beginning though. The day we stop evolving is the day we no longer deserve the privilege of running this project. This new website gives us the platform to now do a lot of things we have wanted to since Salvation was founded. During the coming weeks, months, and years this website will continue to evolve and grow.

You will notice a lot of changes to the website. We have re-tagged photos, re-named videos, we are editing training plans to make them more user friendly and useful to our community. There are new features being added, functionalities developed, and additional changes taking place.

We have more options available to those wishing to join the Salvation project as well. There is a new "Limited Membership" which gives an individual a taste of what the Salvation Site has to offer including some access to training plans, unreleased knowledge articles and videos, and extended day to day Calendar access. The full member of course will continue to be given everything we have to offer including new and premium content along with custom made tools which help plan and execute the training plans, track progress, keep logs, and offer a much more interactive online experience.

We invite you to evolve along with us and thank you for your support.

Remember that during this process there will be some bugs to sort out as the new website is fully integrated. We appreciate your patience. This project would not be what it is today without you.

Mark, Lisa, Rob


There are a lot of changes. Look around.

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