Interval, Endurance <90


By: Gym Jones




Ride (road bike on rollers), warm up @ easy pace 20 minutes, two blocks of 13x 30/30 intervals @ pVO2 and >100rpm, recovery intervals @ 50% of pVO2, 4 minutes of active recovery between blocks, cool down. Note: pVO2 is the minimum power that, if maintained would cause maximum oxygen consumption (MVO2).
Ride (road bike, fixed gear), 60 minutes, Fartlek style, generally high rpm


MFT: today’s interval session begs comment on the idea that every workout, every test is a snapshot and training should never be adapted based solely on the results of a single session. Instead, as mentioned in one of the audio broadcasts trends are far more important as guides. For the last two weeks I’ve done my pVO2 intervals at a load of about 330w and rode the recovery periods at slightly less than 50% of that, I’ve done 2x12 minutes, 2x10 minutes, on the rollers and on the road. These intervals have produced heart rates in the mid-to-high 170s, up to 98% of MHR. Today I rode 2x13 @ 335w and didn’t let power drop below 150w between digs and the average power over both interval blocks was 20w above threshold. It should have grilled my heart but didn’t. I peaked at 92% of MHR and averaged 88-89%. I felt quite good at the end of the session despite yesterday’s ass-tearing workout. And I should have because the training objective (to spend 15-17 total minutes at VO2 Max intensity) was not attained. I didn’t reach it much less spend any time there.

I could take today’s results and bump up the load and/or duration of future 30/30 workouts. I could congratulate myself for having increased VO2 Max or neuromuscular efficiency at pVO2, and I may do both. But not without considering whether today might have been an anomaly, i.e. the fact that my HR remained lower than normal could be due to a lack of recovery or to low muscle glycogen reserves (same thing really). I’ll check some things tomorrow morning to have a better idea. On the other hand my sense of perceived exertion during all of the intervals was low. I could crank up the power with a smaller effect on HR than I am used to so perhaps the change is due to improved fitness. And on the fixed gear the short, sharp hills that usually leave me gasping didn’t. The lower RPE phenomenon suggests that I try some higher loads after a few days of recovery to see what happens. Perhaps the new information will clarify a trend.

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