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Everyone took the day off for one reason or another - probably the first mass rest day in gym history.

My thought for the day is about diet. Someone wrote to Rob's personal site asking if he believed in Twight's dietary practices, (I paraphrase). It got me wondering which so-called philosophy or way I follow regarding eating. Zone? Paleo? Atkins? South Beach? High carb? Moderate carb, low fat, high protein? Intermittent Fasting? Irrational Fasting? Etc. Once again, just like the training, correct eating practice depends entirely on individual objective and current condition. I want our athletes to eat right for the objective and I don't care what they do as long as it works. Lose weight, gain weight, feed an endurance engine, feed a power-endurance engine, feed a sprint engine, etc. Mix fuel sources. Know which source fuels the dominant intensity. Know how to eat to recover. Is that a so-called dietary practice? In the case of the aforementioned writer, reading only the question and knowing nothing more I bet he needs to lose some fat and can't figure out why whatever he has been doing doesn't work, wants the magic bullet, and will do what someone tells him. Given his current dietary objective answering should be fun for Rob.

The follow-up question to the day's thought is, "Which way of eating is the 'right way' of eating?" The one that achieves the objective. Period.

The clip is a month old. It was shot on the day Jeremy Jones pointed out that my Canon G9 shot good video. I captured a few pieces of the session, laid down a voiceover, and filled in with still images. It's not great but the experience showed me how bad my four year-old video camera really is. Since then I have been working with the G9 or older S80 and learning by trial and error how to encode clips properly. Heavy pixelation when a clip is viewed full screen is cheesy and a cop-out. We should not accept it in this day and age. Next week I hope to have it sorted out, and I apologize for the quality of what we have posted so far. It will improve.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. I suspect that few will rest on Sunday.

The video clip shows a "work capacity" session with a bunch of the fighters featuring Burpee Broad Jumps (with dumbbells, yeah!), Burpee & Pull-up combo, and the Whip Smash.

We talked a lot about single leg movements last week and how they may be used to prevent unconsciously shifting weight to accommodate for injury or preference or habit when doing a two-legged lift. Single-leg exercises will be more prominent in the next 4-6 weeks.
Dragging is good, and Dan makes his athletes do it with some frequency, but there are many, many other movements in the tool box.

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