Power Endurance




8x Straight-leg DL @ 95#
8x Straight-leg DL @ 135#
8x Straight-leg Snatch Grip DL @ 135#
2x5 Snatch Grip DL @ 185#
3x5 Snatch Grip DL @ 225#
2x 1-6 Pull-up Ladder
2 min @ each Station, two players at each station, 30 sec to switch:
Team Seated Rope Pull
Team Pull-up / Push-up (each does 3x Pull-up + 3x Push-up, then switch)
1:1 Team Ball Slam @ 40# ball
Farmer Carry @ 2 x 53# KB
Team Slosh Pipe (hand off every 30 seconds)
1:1 Team Box Jump
Walking Lunge (forward and backward)
1:1 Team Burpee
1:1 Team Tire Flip
Cool Down


Snatch, Pull-up, Team:
Dylan & Maximus
Mike & Paul
Johnny & James

“Physical condition is not the only quality that is important. Also mental training. Mental training doesn't happen over one day or 10 days. It's over 10 years.”
Ante Kostelic
Father of, and coach to Croatian "skiing sensation" Janica Kostelic who won three gold medals and a silver in the 2002 winter Olympics, then another gold in the alpine combined in 2006 at Torino.

The clip shows the Seated Rope Pull. We tailor the resistance for a variety of outcomes: heavy resistance for a predominantly strength session and lighter loads pulled for more reps if strength-endurance or cardio-vascular stress is desired.

To follow up on the stretching theme from yesterday, the Straight-leg Deadlift with a Snatch Grip stretches the hamstrings quite nicely, in a dynamic way, under load. Does Johnny need to stretch his hamstrings further?
Snatch Grip for a normal Deadlift lowers the starting position and also loads the shoulder girdle and grip in an unusual way.

Seated Rope Pull: the level of resistance determines how the player pulls (arms only, arms and rotation, arms and flexion and rotation, etc).

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