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Today in the gym Lisa, JamieM, and Theresa had a jiu-jitsu lesson from Steve Maxwell. PaulS (another of the black belts who trains here) rolled with Steve for a while. Lisa put PaulR through a recovery workout since he was beat-up from earlier in the week.

Ride (road bike on rollers), warm up 10 min, then one min efforts of progressively increasing output, rest one min between each, then, 2 (12x 30/30) starting at 300w/20mph and progressing to finish last interval at >400w/25mph, 5 min active rest between blocks, then 10 min @ just under threshold pace, cool down.


MFT: 20 miles, 80 min, intervals 1-6 in the 300-320w range, then increasing. I used the power meter today to see what the sort of wattage was needed to roll in the speed ranges I have been using based on RPE. Power output was much higher than I imagined it would be. Despite high HRs on rides during the last few weeks I've been able to maintain conversation at rates I could not have earlier in the season. Fitness accumulates. The EC and rest afterward must have done me some good.

I posted this on the public site yesterday, and here today in case readers missed it. I was steaming mad at the conscious misrepresentation, but considering the source it is not surprising.

Tricked again: this morning I read about who trains at Gym Jones, who we are, what we know, how we learned it, and some other drivel posted on the web by people with limited knowledge about our place. So I reviewed a list of those who attended yesterday afternoon's training:

James: BJJ black belt, Pan Ams silver medalist
Josh: Utah State road bike champion (Cat 5)
Dylan: Bernales Institute black belt (Kali, JKD, Muay Thai), Extreme Skier (as in extremely good and “if you fall you die”)
Damon: BJJ blue belt, Grapplers Quest silver & bronze, Champions Challenge gold
Will: BJJ black belt, Inosanto Academy certified instructor, Ajarn “Chai” Sirisute certified instructor (Muay Thai)
John: BJJ brown belt, Pan Ams gold medalist, Gracie Worlds silver medalist, US Open silver medalist
Steve: BJJ black belt (1st American to earn it), Pan Ams gold medalist, BJJ Worlds gold medalist, among other achievements
Rob: ROF light-heavy title holder, Canadian Joslin's Open Jiu-Jitsu champion, UFC 58, 62, and Ultimate Fight Night
Lisa: BJJ blue belt, Bernales Institute blue belt (Kali, JKD, Muay Thai)
Jamie: Muay Thai student

I was there just to be sure at least one of the supposed "exclusively ... long distance athletes" was present. I guess if one’s definition of endurance is something lasting from five to 20 minutes then most of the people who train here are “endurance athletes.”

Another "endurance" athlete:
James Litz has been in the Red River (KY) for a week or so, “getting used to the rock.” He on-sighted a 5.13c his first day there, “probably one of the best routes on the best wall at the Red,” and almost flashed a 14a right afterward. Being a bit pumped, he had to come back the next day to send that one. Then he found a project that he described as “the only route I have been on in a while that I was not/am not 100% sure I can do in a reasonable amount of time.” He figured it would take a few days of dialing-in the moves before he could climb it. Instead he sent it the day after he first got on it. “It is somewhere around 14C but I gave it 14B since I don’t have a good measure of that grade range at the moment.” Surprised by how quickly he was able to put the route together he named it “The Shocker.”

The video clip covers the Turkish Get-up, which is an incredibly effective movement and too often neglected. In this clip some of the guys tried to do a single rep with the 106# KB, Dylan screams through reps with the 70# KB and Maximus equals his previous 1RM using the barbell.

Steve is 51, and lives what he teaches. He sets an example for some, and makes examples of others. It has been a treat to have his wisdom and energy in the gym these last few days.
I never used rollers for hard efforts last winter because I was certain to wreck. Coming off the drums with the wheels already spinning at 25mph sends one on an unforgettable ride. Last winter I crashed once ... into the closet.

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