Power Endurance, Strength, Interval


By: Gym Jones




Warm up with Med Balls
30/30 Push Press, Squat or Man-Maker
“Rest” for the Push Press is taken above the head
“Rest” for the Squat is taken in the seated hold position
“Rest” for the Man-Maker is taken in FLR
Accelerating Front Squat:
2x10 @ BB + 60# of chain
2x4 @ 75# + 60# of chain
2x3 @ 115# + 60# of chain
3x2 @ 135# + 60# of chain
Team Rope Pull Race:
Rope has 60# of chain attached to it
3 players per team
One person pulls and sprints, hands rope off, next person repeats, etc.
Max Laps in 2:00 minutes
3x for each team
“Cool Down” with Rope Climb/Hang

15x (30-sec Work/60-sec Active Rest) Row
Each interval must be 1 meter further than the previous interval
For example:
150m, 151m, 152m, 153m, 154m and so forth for 15 Rounds

Warm up with 3x10 OHS @ various loads
Lunge 5x10m forward w/high knee + pause, then backward, both @ 50% bodyweight
Straight-leg DL: 5x5 @ 185#
Snatch Grip DL: 5x3 @ 225#
Ride (road bike) on Rollers: warm up 25 min, with progressive increase to working HR
2x11 min of 30/30 intervals, recover to 65-70% MHR in between blocks, increase speed during each block, cool down


Dylan (Squat) = 22, 22, 22, 22
Josh (Squat) = 23, 20, 18, 16
Maximus (Squat) = 20, 18, 12, 14
Paul (PP @ 2x20#) = 14, 14, 14, 14
Mike (PP @ 2x20#) = 19, 15, 15, 15
James (MM @ 2x25#) = 5, 4, 4, 4
Johnny (MM @ 2x20#) = 4, 3, 4, 4

Rope Pull Race:
Dylan, Johnny, Josh = 14, 13, 13 laps
James, Mike, Paul = 14, 12, 12 laps

Maximus completed the Row instead of the Team Rope Pull Race
150m (1:40 avg. split time)
152m (1:38.6)
154m (1:37.4)
156m (1:36.1)
158m (1:34.9)
160m (1:33.7)
162m (1:32.5)
163m (1:32.0)
165m (1:30.9)
167m (1:29.8)
168m (1:29.2)
169m (1:28.7)
170m (1:28.2)
170m (1:28.2)
173m (1:26.7)

Normally this workout is done using an interval structure of 30-sec Work and 90-sec Active Rest. Today I wanted to use 60-sec of Active Rest. Partially because I wanted to restrict recovery to see how it would affect the outcome of the work periods and partially because I wanted to mimic the 1 minute Rest periods that I receive in between rounds of a fight.

The last time I did this was February 27/2008. On that day I used the full 90-sec Active Rest period and I started my first interval at 155m. Today I started at 150m since I was unsure as to what extent the reduced rest would affect my ability to work. As you can see from the results above my pacing off the start was terrible.

Lunge, Deadlift, Ride:
MFT: Lunge @ 75#, 14 “miles” on the Rollers, 60 minutes, intervals progressing from 20mph to finish at 25mph, though I’m going off of HR and RPE instead of watts because there is no special objective. Instead it’s training to lay the groundwork for harder training.

The video clip shows the tail end of a big day of Power Endurance work that could fall under the Accumulation heading as well. 30/30 Push Press, 30/30 Squat, 30/30 Man-Maker, then Accelerating Front Squats, a Tag Team event using the Rope Pull.

With a light load on the bar one can get sloppy with the forward lean. More weight cures many problems.
Accelerating through the bar. These should be as dynamic as possible.

The three-man team allowed enough rest between pulls and sprints to really wail when it came time to work.

By will alone I set ... things in motion.
One can never be creative enough but it's easy to get too creative. I never want to see this in a workout.
Progressively faster, harder

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