By: Gym Jones




10 minute AirDyne @ easy pace
Workup to 1RM Deadlift:
10x 35% T1RM
5x 55-60% T1RM
2x 75-80% T1RM
1x 85-87% T1RM
1x 93-95% T1RM
Test 1x predicted 1RM or T1RM (if it was easy, increase load a logical amount), then test 1x new predicted 1RM. If it goes up then take it. If it was missed then reduce load to 90-95% of successful 1RM and fire a perfect lift to set the psycho-physical memory and stop
Max number of 90% 1RM Deadlifts in 20 minutes
150x Wall Ball @ 20# (for time)


Deadlift, Wall Ball:
465# 1RM for Deadlift
20x Deadlift @ 90% in 20 minutes
150x Wall Ball @ 20# = 6:55

Starting in September I embarked on a program that would in theory increase my mass and increase my strength endurance. These were two aspects that I needed to work on in the gym to better help my success in fighting. My weight has definitely gone up (the scale doesn’t really lie) and in the past few weeks I have had informal feedback in the gym that suggests that my strength endurance has increased as well.

Today I thought I would do a formal test in relation to my strength endurance. The test I chose was how many 90% 1RM Deadlifts I could pull in 20 minutes time. The last time I did this workout was on July 21st, 2008. The result at that time was 8 Deadlifts in 20 minutes. Today I pulled 20. An improvement of that magnitude definitely suggests my strength endurance has increased.

That being said a “test” is just a snapshot of the day. Maybe I had a bad day the first time I tried the test and maybe I had a really good day today. Maybe I just figured out a better way to be successful at the test. Who knows? When I look at the trends however and take the test results along with the informal feedback I have received in the gym lately then I would say I am on the right path.

The video below is actually from last Thursday but that page was full already. Maximus had some inner demons to tame so took them for Row: 3x2000m @ 7-minute pace with one minute of rest between each. Johnny and Dylan did a Tag Team workout on the AirDyne, with Lunges and Sled Drag.

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