Strength Endurance, Power Endurance


By: Gym Jones




Row/ Ride/ Ski 10 min @ easy pace
Do a few Squats, maybe some Lunges
Barbell Complex: Deadlift +
Bent-over Row (back parallel to floor - seriously, I am sick of the cheating) +
Hang Clean +
Front Squat +
Push Press +
Back Squat
6x of each (without setting bar down) @ 95#
5x of each (without setting bar down) @ 105#
4x of each (without setting bar down) @ 115#
3x of each (without setting bar down) @ 135#
Kettlebell Mountain(s)
KB Swing + Goblet Squat + "Proper" Push-up*
5 + 5 + 5
10 + 10 + 10
15 + 15 + 15
10 + 10 + 10
5 + 5 + 5
Climb up and down the mountain @ 44# KB
Climb up and down the mountain @ 53# KB
Climb up and down the mountain @ 70# KB
When finished you will have done 135 reps of each movement
A "300 F.Y." 10-minute AirDyne time trial for max calories
B "AirDyne To Hell" team relay (every player does 50 calories, then 40 calories, then 30 calories, then 20 calories, then 10 calories)
C "Just Shoot Me": 3x Front Squat @ 70% + 30-sec All-Out Row, rest five minutes between sets
Cool down
Clean up the floor …

*Proper Push-up means lower down, bridge between chest and toes without the pelvis touch the floor, remove hands from floor, replace hands on floor, push up to full elbow lock-out and active shoulder.


BB Complex, KB Mountains, Special "Breathing" Feature
John, JamesOZ, James, PaulR: prescribed weight for BB and KB capers, AirDyne Relay
Ryan: prescribed weight for BB and KB capers, "300 F.Y." = 266 calories

Derek, Kelly, Otto, Joe, Bryce: scaled weight for BB Complex (75#, 85#, 95#, 105#), scaled weight for KB Mountains (35#, 44#, 53#), AirDyne Relay.

amie used prescribed weight for BB caper and did the KB Mountains at full weight for Swing but substituted Front Squats @ 135#, 145#, 155# for Goblet Squats, then he was "assigned" the FS + Row caper to finish … he tried to do it @ 80% (225#) but the barbell headed for the floor and didn't slow down that much so he did the sets @ 185#, which is still burly for a 145# guy, who had just "warmed up" with 135 Front Squats at an average weight of 145# … impressive.
The 70# KB Mountain was a good psychological exercise: the entire time you are descending the easier 53# mountain you see this pig looming above you, harder, higher, and you are 90 reps (of each movement) into a deep, dark hole.

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