Endurance >90


By: Gym Jones




Ride (road bike) 100 miles. An arbitrary goal with the point being to pedal for 5 hours +/-


Michael, MFT: 103 miles, 1200' elevation gain (shoot me), 5hrs 15min. Driven by a tailwind, the outbound speed was high and the feedback from it good despite knowing what would happen after the turnaround. The dread began at about 90 minutes and peaked at just over two hours when we nosed into the headwind. The long way back just got longer. And the negotiations began. We could cut the ride short by returning a different way. We could zig and zag and try to avoid the pain. But direct confrontation won out and the choice sat on years of choosing the hard way in the mountains and in life because it ALWAYS produces the better result, especially in training. Why try to get out of the work? Why set the weights down, or coast? What's wrong with being a bit or a lot uncomfortable? Who cares if you crack and have to get towed home by another rider? Or your partner has to carry your pack? You do, your ego does. And in the moment the hardest exercise of the day is for ego to admit that it was one or ten miles too far on that day, and to accept a helping hand.

The trap is set by a hypnotic white or yellow line. Some days I want to go out far enough that it will be hard to get back. I want that mental trip. Michael was felt depleted and refused to take the bait. We went "just far enough."

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