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For me, the best story of the day and the New Year is about the great game Chad Hall played against Dallas: he caught six passes for 84 yards, one touchdown, and averaged over 10 yards each on thee punt returns.

One writer opened his story about Chad thus, "No Eagle is shorter than Chad Hall. It?s also safe to say no one plays bigger than the 5-foot-8 product of the Air Force Academy, who many considered a long shot to make the squad."

Chad summed up the day, "This is a business. That's the overall thing that people look at, but I'm just going out here to have fun and get a W. Try to help my team win," Hall said. "I love this organization. I love being a part of this team. Whatever they ask me to do, like I felt I have done, I'll do it. It's just a fun game and it was fun getting the opportunity to play that. Our big-time superstars needed the rest. They got us here to division champs."

As Maximus reminded me, Chad worked really hard to reach the place he finds himself. And after all, that hard work, combined with a belief in yourself is what it takes.

Chad Hall caught six passes for 84 yards, one touchdown, and averaged over 10 yards each on three punt returns. What a great, fun day today must have been.

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