Strength Endurance, Power Endurance


By: Gym Jones




Throw medicine balls
Then ... the warm-up:
10x Goblet Squat @ 53# KB +
60m Bear Crawl +
10x Pull-up +
60m Bear Crawl
Repeat with 60# KB and 70# KB (30x GS total, 360m of Bear Crawl
5m Rope Climb +
10x KB Rack Squat @ 2x53# +
30m Framer Carry @ 2x53# KB +
15m DB/KB Bear Crawl @ 2x50# DBs
10m Coal Cart +
10x KB Rack Squat @ 2x53# +
30m Framer Carry @ 2x53# KB +
10m Reverse Bear Crawl (feet in sled)
Three rounds each, rest if you run into other players ...
Tag Team Sandbag Carry:
Sprint 30m carrying 50# Sandbag
Five sprints, rest between while others sprint
Sprint 30m carrying 60# D-Ball
Five sprints, rest between while others sprint
Cool down


Goblet Squat, Crawl, Rack Squat, Coal Cart, Rope Climb:
James, PaulR, Damon, Jamie, Chris
No tricks today, everyone knew immediately that the Rack Squats (60x total) would be the hard part and it was true. I think the Coal Cart may need a 70# copilot next time - they made it look far too easy.

Excerpt from the Salvation site about one year ago:
"I often talk about the entry fee one must pay for every activity at every level of performance. I've been kicking this idea around for a while in the context of shortcuts and people who imagine they can reap the benefits without doing the work, without paying the fee. I concluded that the fee/result scale is always in balance. If you pay a high price you earn a serious, meaningful result. I invested heavy and hard in climbing. The payment and experiences that came with it allowed me to do some very difficult things. And I lived. It's the same for every aspect of life but let's stick to sport. If I invest 1000 (annual) hours in training and racing on the bike, and I do it this year and next I'll be damned good. If I invest 200 hours I cannot expect the same result. But people do. It enrages me, and I wonder why I give a shit that they are so programmed and misguided, and being sold a lie."

No mystery here, KB Rack Squats put the load further ahead of one's center of gravity than a Front Squat where the bar and load sit closer. Leverage is great with the KB Rack Squat when the KBs are held properly on the chest (not atop the shoulders).
I often wonder what the standard is for the Rope Climb in other gyms: feet or no feet? When it's this short - only about 5 or 6 pulls - using the feet makes it far too easy. Double the distance and one could argue for safety ...

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