Strength Endurance, Power Endurance


By: Gym Jones




Throw medicine balls
DL +
Bent-over Row (back parallel to floor) +
Hi-Pull from floor +
Curl +
Upright Row +
Push Press
6x Reps of each movement, max reps in 2 minutes
Round 1 @ 2x10#, Rounds 2 & 3 @ 2x15# (or more)
4x 30/? DB or KB Push Press
Do max reps in 30 seconds, hold lockout overhead until failure
Rest one minute, repeat 3x (four rounds total)
Team Style:
P1: Row/Ride/Ski 4x 20 sec work/ 10 sec recovery
P2: 5x Ball Slam @ 16# ball + 5x Pull-up for 2 minutes
Switch positions, repeat to complete one round
Rest two minutes, repeat 2x (three round total)
Targets: Row >100m, Ski >90m, Ride >500w per work interval
Fat Bar Deadlift @ 135# to failure ...
Cool down


DB Complex, Push Press, Row, Slam, Pull, etc:
Chris: 30/infinity @ 25#: 29/1:08, 32/?, 35/:39, 31/:46, Fat Bar: 11
Damon: 30/infinity @ 25#: 25/3:04, 31/?, 41/1:05, 34/3:05, Fat Bar: 15
Luke: 30/infinity @ 30#: 30/1:07, 29/?, 29/:28, 35/:44, Fat Bar: 27
Will: 30/infinity @ 25#: 31/1:36, 28/?, 30/:57, 27/1:17, Fat Bar: 20
Jamie: 30/infinity @ 25#: 23/1:17, 30/?, 31/:26, 27/:39, Fat Bar: 20
Paul: 30/infinity @ 30#: 39/3:00, 39/?, 44/:51, 39/1:15, Fat Bar: 26
James: 30/infinity @ 30#: 37/1:53, 38/?, 42/:58, 37/1:17
I dropped the stopwatch during the second round of static hold hence the ?

"Do you want to be big or would you rather be ripped?"
I ask this to a lot of people when they try to describe the reason they train (if they have no sport to prepare for). Invariably a man says he wants both. So I follow up with, "How many big guys do you see or know who are also ripped?" They know one or two and hold these exceptions up as examples. The truth is that most big guys are fat. They jump on the "get huge" path, find out how hard it is to eat enough to grow without eating so much they get fat so they settle for the easiest task: size without regard for leanness. And how hard could that be? Train to failure. Eat a lot. Get comfortable with being sore and feeling full. Repeat. Oh yeah, get some sleep. Once again, yawn.

Luke has already had a big week but he didn't hold back today. It is amazing to see what dedicated, consistent effort can produce in a relatively short time - relative to the arc of one's life and what happens in it.
>100m per 20-second work interval feels so easy right out of the gate, but like an insurmountable barrier by the 4th interval of the third block. Only a hard mind can produce the watts at that point.

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