Endurance >90


By: Gym Jones




Ride (road bike) @ endurance and tempo pace, 2x4 hours in 24-hour period


MFT: first block: 4hrs 30min, 77 miles, 7300' of elevation gain, or as I said to Lisa, "a 75-mile ride on 40 miles worth of food and water." Usually when The Bonk climbs on my bike it's a small monkey, easy to shuck or evade but yesterday it felt like an orangutang and wouldn't let go no matter what I did. It's cool to go up in a mushroom cloud but less satisfying to go down with a whimper.

MFT: second block: 3hrs 50min, 65 miles, 6700' of elevation gain. My legs were non-responsive for the first 20 minutes and I thought I would have to turn back. They came around though and as the terrain opened, becoming more beautiful and varied around every corner they just wanted to go. After returning I consulted the map and learned that I could have added another 1000' of climbing above the town of Mount Baldy ... so I guess I'll be going back.

I posted a discussion about "instantaneous expertise" on the Salvation site today. It started by way of examining an article in Outside about Dave Wiens using short, high-intensity efforts to produce adequate fitness to race well against a couple of Olympians and a TdF finisher in the Leadville Mountain 100. The article neglected to mention that these short, hard sharpening sessions did not exist in a vacuum. It does suggest these kinds of efforts are nothing short of miraculous but I came to a different conclusion:

That Wiens could create a meaningful peak using relatively little volume speaks less about the efficiency of the short workouts and more about the quality and depth of his preexisting fitness foundation.

TNSTAAFL ... ever.

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