Seminar Preparation


By: Gym Jones

In preparation for the four-day level 1 certification seminar in the UK I was asked, "How should I prepare for the seminar?"

Being physically fit is required but no amount of fitness can inoculate someone against doing what he or she hasn't practiced for: the fittest person in the world can be crippled by a long downhill run if it's a novelty. So what. The point is not to prove how tough this workout or that workout is, we're coming to teach, and we'll adapt work to individual capacity as needed, unless one's shortcomings are due to laziness, in which case expect the opposite response.

Next, start thinking about your training: why you do it, where you began, where you are now, what the objective is, how you might do it in the future, how long you are willing to continue, what limitations you have unconsciously imposed on yourself, how much work you have actually done and if your assessment of your own effort and attention is accurate, etc. To us the most serious task and the most useful tool are one and the same: the ruthless self-assessment. Take inventory. Be realistic. Be critical. Be honest. Who are you? What do you want? How much will you do?

Finally, whether you are already a trainer or want to become one practice analyzing the behaviour around you in the gym. Do it without judgment - I know that brings a chuckle coming from me. Look for trends and commonalities. Begin formulating corrections for the mistakes, reinforcements for the good practices, and think hard about the way to communicate them, which is where 90% of all coaches and trainers fall down.

Of course, one may apply several of these tasks or lessons on a regular basis to help keep sight of the goal and to realign the signposts leading to it.

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