By: Gym Jones

At its birth in December 2003 Gym Jones was based on the Fight Club model of "free to all" though not all were invited. Those who were accepted didn't pay. No one could buy their way in or buy anything associated with the project. Today this approach only applies to the few whom we choose. You may NOT apply to train under these conditions.

However, we do accept athletes into the gym under different conditions. The first requirement is to be present. To train at Gym Jones or with our personnel you may:
1) Attend a two-day Gym Jones Athletic Development seminar
2) Move to Salt Lake City temporarily
3) Move to Salt Lake City permanently
4) Live here already
5) Hire us to teach a two-day or five-day seminar at your location

Once present, expect to pay a fee for the training.

Access to the gym on a long-term basis is limited. Candidates may apply for individual and small group training. Candidates are evaluated based on athletic experience, current status, goals, and above all, character. If a candidate interviews well he or she will be invited to attend an evaluation workout. Based on the result and client requirements we will select the appropriate training package: some fit into a group program while other athletes need personal attention and programming to achieve their goals. Fees differ accordingly.

We do not provide training programs, dietary or other advice based on casual contact.

Remote coaching is possible for the individual who has fulfilled the first or second requirement (attend a seminar or move here temporarily). Do not apply for this service if you have not met or are not willing to meet either of those conditions.

Still interested? Send your inquiry to with the word "candidate" in the subject line. Briefly describe yourself and athletic goals. We will reply with seminar details or other relevant information.

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