Time and Energy


By: Matt Owen

I'm happy to announce officially that we have moved Project Deliverance into a brand new gym space and we are open for business as of yesterday. When we began work on our new gym space back in January, it became apparent that it would take a huge effort to get the gym space and the area dedicated to recovery right where we wanted it from a detail standpoint. We knew that the most important piece of this space was going to be the last 10% of focus on the details, because the little things end up being quite big things down the road. In order to get that done, my wife Emily, Mike Sobol, and I began pouring about 25 extra hours each week to ensure we finished with a top tier facility on March 10th. As a result, we ended up with this balancing act between the manual work at the new gym space, training our clients at our previous spot, and our own training and recovery practices. Every experience in life carries it's own lesson. Looking back over the last three months, we now have a much greater appreciation for the importance of time and energy. These are both limited commodities that need to be protected and respected. When you eliminate wasted time and energy and focus your attention on what's truly important, it's incredible the quality of work that can be accomplished. So as we head into this week of training, I challenge you to dial in how you spend your time. Spend less time on your phone, more time working on your recovery, more time getting your diet correct, and more time ensuring that your intensity in the gym is the very best it can be. Do all these things and your performance will reach new heights.

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