Future Now


By: Jake Hutchinson

The future's here right now, if you're willing to pay the cost” – The MC5

No one cares what you have done, if what you are doing is no longer relevant. 

We honor our past as the starting point, a reference for where we came from and the path we took. But it is only the past, it is gone, and no longer serves our future.

The last two years have seen huge changes at Gym Jones.  Many of the old faces and names are gone.  Many are still here.  We don’t care what you did, we care what you do.  We are moving ahead.  Focused on making ourselves and our community better, stronger and more prepared for what may lie ahead.  We can only shape our future by our actions of today.  Ruthless self-assessment, accountability and commitment are our focus. 

All who are willing are welcome.  Here’s to 2018


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