Testimonial "300"


By: Gym Jones


I'm acutely aware that I may sound like some gushing adolescent as I write this but I cannot get over the transformation I've made whilst implementing all I've learned from you over the last two months. At the risk of exaggerating, I'm stronger and more able now than when I was 18. For the first time, I'm aware of my imbalances and how to correct them and feel like I'm developing a body that really 'works'! AND, astoundingly, my body fat has dropped from 25.8% to 16% in the short time l was receiving your coaching.

Of course - on top of the increased physical strength and the bonus of actually 'looking' fit - there's the mental aspect; I know that I can only go from strength to strength (excuse the pun) by staying on this path and that fact has given me tremendous confidence.

As you well know, Mark, it took a huge leap of faith for me (having trained in a very different way for the last 25 years) to accept that a mere 20 minutes of Gym Jones would be enough to get into good shape for '300' but it clearly worked far beyond my expectations.

Your personal integrity and commitment was also a huge factor for me; you lead from the front and practice what you preach. There are far too many so-called 'professionals' out there - people who don't have a fraction of your knowledge - that preach a relatively convincing sermon but don't 'live' it. You really DO live the Gym Jones philosophy, and for that you have my admiration and respect.

I wish you the best of success, Mark, and hope you influence many more lives in such a profound way.


Best regards,
Andrew Pleavin

Andrew, after five weeks of hard work

Andrew was one of 30 actors and stunt crew who trained at Gym Jones QC for the movie "300" but he stood out from the crew with his dedication and hard work. To learn more about the movie surf here or here.

I began training Andrew "remotely" while he was still in England but his training background kept him from truly understanding what was being asked of him. He showed up in Montreal having shaped-up a bit but nowhere near what his role as Daxos required. During the next five weeks Andrew shed fat, built muscle, went from being able to do six consecutive Pull-ups to having 23, rowed 500m in 1:25:6 (the second-fastest time in the gym) and did the "300" workout in 18:11. Check out his comments about that day here.

Andrew posted more observations about his journey here.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew, and to see the pictures of his home gym (Gym Jones UK) as he puts together the pieces he has scavenged from junkyards and purchased off of E-Bay.

Bravo Andrew, it was an amazing journey.

Mark and Andrew


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