What are some general gym standards I should aim for?


By: Gym Jones

I was wondering what kind of goals I should set for myself in the gym. Could you give me a list of standards that I should aim for?


Here is a list of general standards you can aim for. None of the following standards taken on their own is great. We look at this as more of a list of "adequacies" as opposed to a list of standards. That said if someone was able to do everything on this list you would have a person with a good level of general fitness. Some of these will be easier for some and more difficult for others but all of these are attainable.

Strength/ Power Standards:
Deadlift: 2x bodyweight male, 1.5x female
Front Squat: 1.5x bodyweight male, 1.25x female
Overhead Squat: 1.25x male, 1x female
Clean: 1x bodyweight male, 1x female
Jerk: 1x bodyweight male, 75% bodyweight female
Turkish Get-up: 50% bodyweight male, 50% female

Strength Endurance Standards:
Deadlift: 25x @ 225# male, 15x 135# female Bench Press: 10x @ 185#, no standard for females
Back Squat: 20x @ bodyweight, same for females
Pull-up (straight bar, dead hang, no kip): 15x male, 3x female

Power Endurance Standards:
Ten-minute KB Snatch Test: >150 @ 53#, >200 @ 25# female, >150 @ 35# female
Sandbag Get-up @ +/- 50% bodyweight, max reps in 7 minutes: (target >35 reps), same for female

Cardio-respiratory Power Standard:
Row 500m in 1:30 male, 1:50 female
Run 400m in 1:00 male

Cardio-respiratory Power Endurance Standard:
Row 2000m in 7:15 male, 8:45 female
Row 5000m in 19:00 male, 22:30 female
Run 1.5 miles in 9:00 male, 9:30 female
Run 5km in 22:00

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