How do I test my maximum heart rate?


By: Gym Jones

How do I test my maximum heart rate so I can calculate percentages for the differing workouts, intervals or outcomes?


The first step is to decide whether you truly need to take this test. The second step is to decide whether your heart can actually take the stress. For some the best place to take this test may be on the grass field in front of the hospital ... meaning, don't be an idiot.

MHR, or Maximum Heart Rate
This value may be used to scale output for the player who does not have access to a power meter, or in a sport where power measurement is not possible. MHR is tested using sport-specific movements because different movement demands will produce different maximums and they are not necessarily transferable, i.e. you cannot use the MHR from swimming as a guide for running. The test should be repeated once or twice annually (though few ever do so) or information can be gleaned from race data where HR is usually quite high. Do the test 2-3 times spread over a couple of weeks. Allow adequate recovery between tests (one week).

1) Warm-up: 10-15 min easy, several progressions to threshold HR, i.e. ????Openers?????? to open up the circulatory system and prepare the body and mind for the hard effort to come.
2) Two minutes all-out sprint (sport specific)
3) One minute rest
4) Two minutes all-out sprint (record HR during last 20 seconds)

As an alternative Peter Janssen suggests, ????warm up, then do an intensive ride/run for 4-5 minutes, sprint the final 20-30 seconds.??????

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