What is a Cluster Set?


By: Gym Jones

What is a clean hi pull cluster? I know the movements individually, just didn't understand the cluster. Thank You.


Any time a cluster set is mentioned it refers to a set of reps completed with the weight graduated across the reps. As an example:

Clean Hi-Pull (cluster set):
5x @ 70% of Clean 1RM +
3x @ 80% +
2x @ 85-90% +

They time between the 5 reps @ 70% and the 3 reps at 80% is as long as it takes to add the small plates to hit the new percentage. Then execute those 3 reps, add weight and do the 2 reps @ 85-90%. Now take a big rest before executing the next cluster.

Loads may be "graduated" from heavier to lighter as well, though this is more often used with less technical movements like Back or Front Squat, and with more significant volume to target strength endurance. As an example:

Back/Front Squat (cluster set):
2x @ 85-90%
3x @ 80%
20x @ 40-50%

For a pictorial reference of the Clean Hi-Pull you can use the Gallery search function. It is an uncaught Clean, height varies by load, objective.


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