How was the weight for the Clean Hi-pull and the Front Squat decided for the July 13 IWT workout?


The weights were calculated at 60% 1RM.

IWT sessions feature reps in the 5-15 range, depending on the objective, and the lifts are executed coming off the rest period so the load can be a higher percentage of 1RM than we would use for a high-rep circuit.

Normally, we use 40-50% of 1RM for high-rep sets or circuits (e.g. 30-20-10) that engage large muscles or groups: legs, hips, back, etc. and we prescribe 30-40% of 1RM for circuits focused on smaller muscles or groups: arms, shoulders, etc.

Some movements like Kettlebell Clean & Jerk do not allow us to test an actual 1RM so a best guess is good enough. Also, movements appearing later in an IWT are typically done for more reps with lower loads.

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