Speaking of supplements, what do you think of Vespa?


By: Gym Jones

Speaking of supplements, what do you think of Vespa? The manufacturer claims that it encourages "the muscles to metabolize fat, thus stabilizing and conserving glycogen levels."



This sets my spidey sense tingling:
"Asian Mandarin Wasp"

As does this:
"... it is very expensive to procure and handle these natural ingredients which are sourced from several global locations."

Exotic origins and difficulty of the harvest have often been used to justify incredible performance claims and cost. But they tone down the claims, shoot holes in the studies, etc. Which is either genuine, or a really tasty backhanded marketing ploy.

But if it is an amino acid, and the claim is that supplementing with it can improve cognitive function/clarity during long endurance events, I could maybe see it working though dosage looks very low. When I was testing the variants that eventually became Roctane (GU) in the late-90s we messed with a bunch of different amino mixes (I'm not sure what all I was taking sometimes) and I found a good non-speedy sharpness from it though I doubt it was related to any glycogen-sparing activity.

The fat metabolism argument is tough to swallow. Shifting the body's natural tendency to favor one substrate over another - regardless of intensity or simultaneous intake of carbs - is a monumental claim, isn't it? And wouldn't you sell it as a weight-loss supplement if it truly did affect the body's choice of fuels?

Finally, this sort of shit kills me:

VESPA powered athletes have won in these events:

    Olympic Marathon (2000 Sydney Women's Marathon)
    Olympic Figure Skating (2002 Salt Lake City Men's Figure Skating)
    Olympic & World Championship Hockey (Canadian National team)
    100KM World Championships (2007)

Were they using the product when they achieved these results?

I've spent/wasted a lot of money on supplements and I am not against doing so again in the future. I may even spend the $60 to see what I can learn about the wasp juice ... but Dan John drilled into me over and over again: if it works immediately it's illegal, if it works quickly it is about to be banned, and if it sounds too good to be true it is.

I remain open, and skeptical.

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