What did you eat today?


By: Gym Jones

What did you eat today?


When the idea of posting nutrition logs as learning tools came up recently I started using the CalorieKing website (because Johnny uses it to track intake when he needs to make weight for a tournament). Zach sometimes records his intake using a tool on the Livestrong website. The overarching idea is - once again - everyone eats more than they think. Honestly recording what goes down the hatch provides some accountability, but I think the more important issue is having a diary to mine facts and ideas from later. If one is honest, if one under-reports exercise activity but over-reports caloric intake and still doesn't achieve the desired objective (generally assumed for the purposes of this post to be weight loss or body recomposition) it is clear that something is wrong. Josh doesn't monitor caloric intake instead he bases his diet according to how he recovers from training. I record intake but only generally: I don't care much about the macronutrient ratios other than to notice them. I am mostly curious about total energy in and total energy out.

To answer the question I've loaded a recent daily log. It features enough detail to teach/learn something. The "brands" or types of certain meals are chosen by CalorieKing so are representative if not factual. As an example the dinner was homemade chili but the closest meal I could find on the website was something called Bruegger's, which may be from a can or something. Anyway, the homemade version had a roughly equal meat/bean ratio (volume-wise) so I chose the particular example on the site that seemed closest. The objective to maintain weight during the off-season period of reduced training volume and increased emphasis on strength development. I undershot the target calorie intake on this day, which isn't a concern as I can always make up for it later if I really "need" to or trip-up and fail over the holidays.

Download PDF here.

P.S. Yes, Zone Perfect bars are indefensible (full of shit-quality components only aimed at hitting the "magic" ratio) but convenient and tasty. I usually use the equally convenient Organic Food Bar instead.

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