What's your take on stretching?


By: Gym Jones

What's your take on stretching? Stretching at the end of a workout? Stretching at all? R.O.M. is stretching? Yoga? What's the real deal???


To use a superlative, "no one here stretches" at least not in the sense that most people think of it. Virtually all stretching is done through dynamic movement. The only ones who stretch in a static way, or follow any yoga practice are the athletes involved in repetitive motion sports that cause chronic muscle shortening (running, cycling, etc). This is what we do. I don't consider ours the right or only way, simply that we have found what works for our athletes.

Our take is that most people do it wrong in the first place (don't know why or how), and that stretching through dynamic movement is superior to static stretching for a variety of reasons, 1) it's how one uses the muscles, and 2) if the stretching is built-in the athlete cannot get lazy and write it off when time is running short. One thing I must mention is that the athletes engaged in sports that cause chronic muscle-shortening (running [hamstrings], cycling and ski touring [hip fllexors], etc) must stretch those muscles consistently or risk big imbalances and injury. Hamstrings may be stretched with movement (Overhead Squat, Windmill, Straight-leg DL, KB Swing, etc) but the hip flexors need static attention and help from a partner.

One of the best articles I've seen on the subject in a long time is here.

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