Can you recommend a few books on nutrition?


By: Gym Jones

Your site, stories and the prospect of coming out to you sometime in 2008 have inspired me to take a very methodical approach to my fitness endeavors. For the last two months I have tracked every rep, set, second; every morsel, calorie, carb in an attempt to document my bodies response and better learn "what works".

I think I have hit a physical and intellectual roadblock and while I gleam much insight from your postings I am craving more knowledge! Your postings mention a few books. might you be able to recommend any? I am more interested in the nutritional aspects of training. I think you said it best in one email to me "just control what you put in your mouth". That part (now) is easy...I am up to what and how much. While I dont expect you to answer that for me I am hoping you might point me in a direction (the right direction).


Check out "Advanced Sports Nutrition" by Dan Bernardot for a generalist, dare I say mainstream view of what's current. "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" is also worth a visit, and from it you'll gain a more fringe perspective.

Both books cover the "what", and the "how much" will largely depend on your objective: lose fat, lose muscle mass to become more efficient with O2, etc.

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