How is your diet different from the Zone?


By: Gym Jones

Good morning Mark, just checking in and wishing you the best in your training and your trainees. I picked up the Triathalon Magazine and between your positive influence with your work ethic, knowledge, and most importantly your character, I found you and the magazine to be inspirational and wanting me to do a triathlon. It seems like a hell of a good challenge. I found that my work will fluctuate on and off depending on how demanding work can be, and thank God it is demanding. But at the same time, I have trained with no goal, only to be my personal best and beat my times. But with this, it will gauge my training much more and give me a more determined and focused path. Within that context, I did some more research on diets and why some of them will utterly fail while other have a higher success rate. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but "our" diet seems very similar to that of the Zone Diet. How is our diet different from that one, or are the percentages the only similar aspect in the diet? If you could help me out with that, that would be awesome. I also went for a run in the blazing heat of south Texas 104 degrees with 90% humidity. The run was 3.5 miles followed by an hour of KB work and weights. The carb gel from Hammer Nutrition came into play along with Recoverite after the work, it was truly a life saver. Take care Mark and hope to train with you soon.


Eating for sport and health isn't complicated so don't make it into something it isn't. DO however make the self-discipline required to maintain an appropriate way of eating the more important aspect of your eating habits. Diets fail or succeed largely due to the dieter's behavior. That said, there are good details in this book: Good Calories, Bad Calories. Although it is aimed at the chronic problem of obesity rather than athletes the myriad reasons why many so-called diets fail are described laboriously and you may be able to build a better eating plan based on the ideas.

Your diet will be affected by the length and duration of the Triathlon, and how that affects the training volume and intensity required to prepare for it. A Zone type diet may or may not be appropriate. Specifically, to reload glycogen after an endurance effort is critical and the Zone is quite useless for the purpose. Check the article on recovery in the Knowledge section.

Finally, The Paleo Diet for Athletes might provide a better solution than anything else, which is in line with the thesis in Taubes' book.

Best of luck with the endurance work.

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