What relative weights should I do for clean and jerk, snatch, overhead squat, etc?


By: Gym Jones

Your website is a great resource towards making myself "indestructible." I have burning question that I could not find an answer for on the internet, and since no one in my gym really "lifts," I can not ask anyone in-person. What are the relative weights should I aim for in doing lifts, clean and jerk, snatch, front squat, overhead squat, military press and etc? For example, should I be able to overhead squat 3X the weight that I can clean and jerk? I am looking for all around strength with no obvious weaknesses.


An interesting question but I think more theoretical than practical. Certainly, contrived standards must exist. These may or may not be relevant to application in work or sport. For example, a 2x bodyweight deadlift is a contrived standard but one which is accessible and translates to most sport/work because of the core/limb integrity it implies. That said, 15x Overhead Squats with bodyweight is also a contrived standard that is accessible only to those for whom that capacity offers genuine benefits for sport (throwing in that case). If you can see a benefit to squatting 3x what you can C&J then you'll train toward it. If such a level of strength won't help you do what you want to do then you won't be motivated to train for it. I think the main goal should be to "treat" imbalances and to avoid the tendency to only practice the things you are already good at. Correcting peripheral "weaknesses" will do more to improve proportional strength (in actual application) than concentrating on reaching a contrived standard in one aspect or lift at the expense of other areas of fitness.

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