Be in the moment no matter what you are doing


By: Gym Jones

My question is in some of your essays you say "begin paying attention every second of every minute of every hour of every day" and "the committed are aware and mindful every minute of every day". Would Zen practice be the same thing you are talking about? From getting up in the morning to take a piss to working to eating to working out. Are you talking about being in the moment no matter what you are doing?


The mindful awareness one associates with Zen would not be a wrong description. But more succinctly I mean to practice that awareness in constant relation to your objective. Always notice what you are doing and how you are responding to it. Always ask if this action or that thought or behavior is helping you toward the goal or hindering progress. Pay consistent attention to training, and recovery, and adaptation. Have you hit a plateau or are you stagnant because you haven't dug deep enough, or because you have not paid adequate attention to recovery and restoration, or because work stress compounds training stress and the combined total is too great. To be a world class Nordic ski racer these days requires 1100-1200 hours of training volume annually. That level cannot be reached on 800 hours though it was good enough in the nineties ... this level of performance requires attention every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Most of us don't have the discipline, or the opportunity to apply that degree of attention. To progress we give as much as we can, knowing full well what the ideal is, and remain consistently aware of where we are in relation to it.

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