Like most climbers I have been reading your work for years and I think you have a great mind. As an ultralight backpacker (not an extreme alpinist at all) that book was just so well done, and I continually return to it for thoughts across a range of variables. But, that is not what I am writing about. Rather, I want to thank you. I am working on my PhD in nursing, in which I study addiction and pain. Ironically, a dissertation is an opportunity to wallow, to dwell on insecurities, and procrastinate. I read your piece "twitching" and I felt as if you were speaking directly to me. That single bit of seemingly extemporaneous writing actually gave me some clarity and strength to aim straight at a problem I was totally pussing out about. That was really interesting. So, while I do work out, and have embraced many of your thoughts about training, this letter is one of thanks for helping me in another important domain, my life.


Goodness, thank you. I am amazed - perhaps thrilled is more appropriate - when I learn that some words or an idea or an example coming out of the mountains or the gym has played a role in an individual's epiphany and inspiration. Once I thought I was writing about climbing exclusively but the gym project teaches me otherwise. I have learned one cannot presume to know how another person will read and use the written words.

That I am sitting at a computer, able to immediately reply suggests I ought to revisit "Twitching" myself ...

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