The words written on will inspire people you will never know.


By: Gym Jones

May I say that the day will come and you will look back on your life and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. But the greatest sense of pride will come from your choice to share it. The words written on will inspire people you will never know. Their names will go unread and what they did with your information may never reach you.

And it will be your greatest victory as a human.

Thank you for sharing your mind with us; The nameless and faceless.


Some notes arrive, are read, and don't make a dent. Others haunt the days ahead and yours was one of those.

This whole project did not begin as a way to help or inspire in the normal sense. It started as a reaction to laziness, to press-fit recipes for fitness that produced the look but not the horsepower, to show people there is another way - many other ways - and there are individuals living it. But struggle teaches one about humanity, about human-ness, so balance and a softening of the edges has been the result. These days I am thrilled to read our small project (and it really is small) has played a role in someone's epiphany, has inspired, has driven and cracked the whip, has caused an individual to change. Because knowing this changes me.

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