What do you do to push yourself amidst mediocrity?


By: Gym Jones

I've noticed a lack of commitment and motivation when I hit the gym and work out. I try my best to follow your circuit-style training, but no matter how much I want to believe in my own mental strength, I find the surrounding environment contagious and detrimental to my performance.

So what do you do to push yourself amidst mediocrity? What do you tell yourselves in your mind, when your body just doesn't want to do that extra rep? I'm frustrated at the fact that I underperform not because of my physical ability, but because of my mental ability. How do you embrace the burn in your lungs, and the explosion in your chest, just so that you can shave that extra second off of your time? Maybe these aren't even the right questions to start asking myself, and if they're not, I'd like some guidance to find the right things to ask myself so that I may find the answers eventually. I look forward to your reply.


If there were an easy answer the world would be a different place. Lack of commitment and attention and care is rampant - everyone wants the result without the work.

If the environment is negative, change it. Or make a lifestyle of fighting it.

Find someone with similar objectives and attitude and help keep each other honest in the gym, or outside.

Find something worth training for. For most, this is what's lacking. They can short-stroke reps and miss workouts and eat willy-nilly because there's no test. And if there is a test it has no consequence. If the risks and penalties are great enough, and unavoidable, you'll do the work. Trust me.

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