I was wondering what your take on catabolism was


By: Gym Jones

For your endurance training, you utilize very long training sessions. I was wondering what your take on catabolism was, and how you personally deal with this. I realize that it is extremely difficult to be as strong as possible (2 to 3x bodyweight on the big lifts) while having the endurance level of a high caliber distance runner or climber. Being in the military, I strive for an equal balance of both 'departments' but often get scared of sacrificing results in one department for small gains in another.


There is a price for specificity on both ends of the spectrum. If you want a high-caliber level of endurance (genuinely high) it will cost horsepower. If you want a lot of horsepower it will cost endurance. How you train, and what capacities you choose to develop depend entirely on your objective. If 60-70% of your potential across the entire spectrum of fitness is the goal i.e. the ability to do anything required by your job then you must be willing to "settle" for that 60-70%. Specializing to hit 90% somewhere may knock you back to 50% somewhere else.

You know the job. Does having a 3x BW DL help you do your job better? Or is 2x BW enough? Does having a 400# bench press help you punch harder? Maybe. But mostly it will make you slow and prone to injury. The faster more mobile guy would never allow you to hit him anyway. So maybe BW BP for 20-30 reps is a better type of fitness for your job. Start dissecting the outcome you require and the training elements will become more clear.

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