I just have seen the movie 300.


By: Gym Jones

I am from Germany (38 years old). I just have seen the movie 300. I was impressed, like many others, by the looking of the actors. Some of my students, I train Karate on a amateur status since 1982, told me about your website.

Maybe I never reach the level I have seen on you site. But your thoughts, and all I found on your site cheer me to review my training and go for more.


Thank you for the kind words, and for using some of the ideas we post to review your current training. The "300" movie was a job, where a certain problem had to be solved, and we came up with the best solution we could at the time. No matter the method used, it was the attention, the mindfulness, the continual living in the present, the commitment, and the persistence that changed the character, and the capacity and the look of those involved. These are all characteristics of training in any martial art. We are not original, we simply enforced those conditions and ideals in the gym.

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