Do you use the Concept 2 ERG on #10 regardless of time or distance?


By: Gym Jones

"In the realm of gym fitness rowing on the Concept II fills a similar role, there is no way to cheat it: 5000 meters is 5000 meters no matter how you get there."

I have thoroughly read the entire Gym Jones site, some sections multiple times, and after reading the Quality section again I have a question about the damper settings used on the C2. Do you always leave it on #10 regardless of time or distance? I have left it on #10 for anytime of 10 min or less and any distance of 2500m or less. Above that time or distance I have been using setting #5. What is your opinion on this?


The longer the distance the lower the damper setting, generally. Lower settings shift the load to the cardio-respiratory system. Higher settings tend to cause greater muscular stress. So it also depends on the characteristics of your fitness: if you are light, with better CV fitness (good aerobic capacity) you can trend toward lighter settings, if you are heavier, and have great strength endurance you can trend toward higher settings. Maximus rows all distances below 5000m on 10. I row 250m on 10, 500m on the 6/7 line, and 5000m on 3. Others vary.

If the goal is to fix a perceived area of weakness choose the setting you typically DON'T want to use. If the goal is to row a fast piece, play to your strengths and choose the setting you think will produce the best result.

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