I cannot afford to 'bulk up' as this would hinder my running.


By: Gym Jones

In the future I will be attempting the UKSF selection and then a further, more specialised, selection process. The pass rate is around 1-2%. The part of the selection process which I believe I will find the most difficult is the endurance phase which cumulates in a 40 mile 'yomp' over the roughest parts of the Brecon Beacons, in the middle of the winter or summer (both equally difficult) carrying at least a 4 stone pack, as well as webbing and rifle. Combined with this, there are difficult gym exercises and tests to be completed.

Therefore, I need to become exceptionally fit (walking, running and swimming in particular) and develop my overall muscular power and endurance. I cannot afford to 'bulk up' too much as this would probably hinder my strongest area - my running. ... Hard work doesn't bother me - I get great satisfaction from knowing that I have tried my absolute hardest at something. For me, failure isn't an option and this is why I wish to prepare properly for selection.


We can help. We work with various military units. We understand the problems. We have helped several individuals prepare for special selections. The terrain here is rugged and mountainous though it is high desert, so hot in summer, cold and snowy in winter (great ski touring in the winter but too much snow to get around on foot). It would be a fine place to break-in a pair of boots.

We don't build big guys. No one has ever gained weight in our gym. Power-to-weight ratio is our chief guideline.

Finally, I have to be an ass: failure is always an option. It is a possible outcome every minute of every damned day. What we do to prevent it changes our relationship to it. When we control every aspect of ourselves and the situation that may be controlled we free ourselves. There are no "what ifs?" No "should haves" or "shouldn't haves" and we can approach the challenge on the balls of our feet, prepared to meet what ever might happen, knowing we have done everything in our power to influence the outcome. At that point, whether we succeed or fail, as long as we give everything to the task, we have done our utmost and the result is down to luck, or fate if you believe in it ... We might fail. We might succeed. What we did beforehand may well decide our luck.

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