What premise do you and others work from in regards to rest?


By: Gym Jones

The Niceties: I appreciate the info, philosophy and sampled workouts. I am into my second week and have lost over 10lbs and almost 2 inches from the waist. Switching from heavy mass training to relative strength training has already paid big dividends health-wise. Many thanks.

The question: What premise do you and others work from in regards to rest? I.e. is it work dependent, 6 on 1 off, conducive to body part?, etc.


No one is training 6 on, 1 off in the gym. However, many are training 5:2 or 6:1 when "artificial" (i.e. gym) training and sport-specific training are totaled. Many of the jiu-jitsu guys are in the gym 3 days/week and doing jiu-jitsu, judo, and/or boxing 5-6 days a week with an average total training time of 20 hours. Based on that, we learned that 4 days/week in the gym is too much so we scaled it back. The endurance athletes typically train 6:1, and sometimes do 2x sessions per day (depending on the time of year). Anyone training 6:1, and up to 10-12 training sessions per week is working from a training history of, at minimum, three years using our methods, Rob has been training at a high level for 15 years, and I've 25 years of training history. This produces a high work capacity and good recovery characteristics. Lacking similar experience and history the training volume and intensity should be modified.

We hold certain ideals paramount: never train to failure, the way to increase volume is to increase training frequency, clusters of training days produce better results than a one-on, one-off schedule, training is modified according to recovery status, etc. As your experience increases you'll know when to go easy, and when to rest, and when you can go hard, which is not every day. Your training logs will show you when you went too hard, too often, or when you took it easy for too long. Up front, it's an experiment, and the way is found largely by feel. I wish I could simply say, "do X" but we haven't found "the" answer, only individual answers and some general guidelines that seem to be universal.

Thank you for the inquiry, for thinking about what we post, and for putting it to good use.

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