Would you spend more time climbing or more time training?


By: Gym Jones

What is your opinion on internet-driven, WOD style training? Yay or Nay?

And I'm just curious on this because I'm torn on it. I began rock climbing about 6 months ago and got HOOKED. If you could do it over again, would you have spent more time climbing or more time training? The reason I ask is my times and 1RMs in a couple of workouts have slipped since I devoted more time to climbing. That kills me because I train more for health and confidence than to improve my climbing.

Thanks for your time and attention. It's much appreciated.


You answered your own question. Your 1RMs are lower and the time it takes to perform a named workout is slower because you have spent energy and attention elsewhere. If those numbers are important spend your energy improving them.

If climbing is important, do it. As a new climber, given a basic level of fitness, you'll make more progress by going climbing than by doing any artificial training. In several years, when you will make greater gains climbing by being more powerful the artificial training will take on more importance.

Solving the problem is as easy as deciding what you want ...

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